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Who am i?

 That's a good question I have been asking myself for many years. For almost 15 years despite having various jobs, I never really liked any of them. My first real change happen after 2012 my relationship fell apart including my job so I decided to leave everything behind and start over somewhere else... a fresh start... so got rid of every unessential belonging made a backpack and drove to the far west of Canada ( I'm originally from East) I end up in British Columbia


I became a seasonal worker in agriculture. it was an amazing experience, I found a new relationship and for 3 years this relationship brought me so many good experiences in Mexico. later on, all these experiences make me discover New Zealand I worked for 2 years there I discovers so many cultures in Asian countries.

Everything changed in 2019 after a meditation I did in India I’ve led a life almost fully devoted to the arts since then. It's my escape and my new passion. I began my journey as an artist in charcoal and white pastel.

Whatever makes you happy you put in your world

"Bob Ross"

Photography  by Mikrook

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